Iowa Events Center works to create convenient access to AC2018

June 06, 2018

Access to Northeast door will be available during AC2018

Although the Iowa Events Center has closed the sidewalk between the North parking lot and the Northeast door due to construction and repair on the building, access through the Northeast door will be availableFor convenient access to the 2018 Iowa Annual Conference, the Iowa Events Center will close the traffic lane on 3rd Street closest to the East side of the building to allow pedestrians and golf carts to use this lane to enter through the Northeast door. Alternative entrances are to use the Northwest door, the West door, or the South door.
On Monday morning, when busier weekday morning traffic is expected, there will be Des Moines police officers available to help escort pedestrians from the North parking lot to the Northeast door. 

Thank you Iowa Event Center for helping Iowa UMC's have a great weekend at Annual Conference!